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The Kids' Community Dental Clinic’s mission is to improve the oral health of children from low income families with quality procedures, preventative treatments, and oral health education.  Whether you are in need of low-cost dental services for a child age 0-18, or you would like to help our cause, please browse our site for more information.


Dental disease among children is preventable, yet it persists throughout the country in epidemic proportions. In order to address the progressive nature of dental disease, it is critical to build a oral health services delivery system for children from ages 0 to 18 that emphasizes early intervention and prevention; overcomes the financial, educational, cultural, geographic and psycho-social barriers to services; provides outreach, counseling, and education in a variety of settings and assures access to early and continuous dental diagnostic, preventative and treatment services. We are dedicated to creating this system, and removing barriers to services through outreach, counseling and education to all patients.



Our Mission
Our History

The Kids' Community Dental Clinic was created to fill a crucial need and gap in oral health care services for children of low income working families.  A children's dental clinic existed in Burbank for almost 35 years through the generosity of the Sisters of Providence, St. Joseph Medical Center.  When the hospital dental clinic closed in 1997, many working parents had a difficult time finding convenient and low cost dental care for their children.


In 2002, after much planning and with strong local support, we opened our doors to every child in need. We started with the name Kids' Community Clinic of Burbank and in 2004 we changed it to Kids' Community Dental Clinic to emphasize our focus on oral healthcare prevention and treatment, and to welcome children who live outside Burbank.



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