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As the main portion of my project, I set up a two-day Dental Activity Table at the clinic where I taught patients brushing and flossing techniques, before engaging them in visuals and activities related to taking care of their teeth. In addition, I donated 25 children's dental books with the hopes of educating the patients through fun stories. Furthermore, I assembled 100 kid-friendly dental coloring books, in order to provide a visual representation of dental health care in an amusing way. Lastly, I painted the clinic’s newly assembled shed and supplied them with 100 toothbrushes for the children to take home in their goody bags.



Girl Scout completes Gold Award with KCDC

Hello! My name is Kayla Lee and I am a senior Girl Scout from Troop 391. I have recently had the privilege of carrying out my Gold Award Project through partnering with Kids’ Community Dental Clinic in Burbank, California. I decided to focus on dental health care for kids after reading a study on the rise of root decay among children.

I would like to thank Dr. Anna Choe and Dr. Richard Swatt‘s offices for the generous toothbrush donations. I would also like to recognize Dale Gorman, the director of Kids’ Community Dental Clinic, for serving as my project advisor and allowing me to use her facility. Dale guided me in my project planning and kindly devoted her time to supervise my project throughout its course. Her many years of dedication in serving the dental needs of the community evinces her passion to truly focus on her patients.


Through this undertaking, I am grateful to have gained insight into the difference I can make in my local community and the commitment required to take charge of an effort such as the Gold Award Project. My hope is that the children will continue to grasp the proper way to take care of their teeth, resulting in less dental complications in the future.



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